Small farmers

bringing farmers’ voice to improve our work

10 Dec , 2013  

Fair Trade farmers discussing and making recommendations on our empowerment standards: Fabian from Colombia, Cesar from Peru, Faustino from Honduras and Luis from Costa Rica

“I have participated in other workshops where people have ‘explained to me’ a set of standards.  This is the first time I am in a workshop to discuss the standards, and negotiate potential changes.  One thing is that somebody from outside, from an office somewhere writes a standard.  A very different thing is to improve [Read More]

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buying “a share” for a better future

18 Nov , 2013  

view from land where workers would be able to build their own homes

Leonardo Garcia is a farm worker at a coffee estate called “La Revancha” (The Revenge, in English), in Nicaragua.  This farm is part of our pilot program, which was developed to help the coffee industry better understand if and how Fair Trade can help improve the lives of millions of farm workers who work the coffee [Read More]

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Working for quality of coffee and quality of life

22 Oct , 2013  

Eliover with other farm workers at Hacienda Venecia in Colombia

Eliover Garcia, a foreman at Hacienda Venecia in Colombia, has been working in the coffee fields since he was 8 years old. His humble origins make Eliover fully appreciate everything in life. “Working on the coffee fields has allowed me to put food on our table and satisfy my family’s basic need, for which I’m [Read More]

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