60 years in coffee

17 Jun , 2013  

Dona Concepcao, on her coffee farm with her recently harvested coffee drying in the patio

“60 years. I have been working in coffee my whole life,” responded Dona Concepção when I asked her how long she had worked in coffee.  She welcomed us on her coffee farm in Lajinha, Minas Gerais, Brazil, with brewed coffee, fruit and pastries she and her children made for us. When we began walking through [Read More]

Small farmers

The Silent Majority: Independent Smallholder Coffee Farmers

3 Jun , 2013  

Share of smallholders and ISH
Source: NKG 2010/2013.  Created by Miguel Zamora

Last month, during the Specialty Coffee Association of America conference in Boston, I had the privilege of organizing a panel about the need to include independent smallholder coffee farmers in the industry’s sustainability efforts.   These coffee farmers are smallholders who are not organized in a cooperative or other type of farmer organization.  The panel included: [Read More]