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an encouraging discussion on farmer aggregation

21 Oct , 2013   Gallery


Last month I attended the International Coffee Organization’s (ICO) 3rd Coffee Finance Forum in Brazil during ICO’s 50th anniversary meeting.  ICO meetings are open to country delegates, observers and guests from 70 countries, both producing and consuming countries.    The objective of the 3rd Coffee Finance Forum was to identify best practices and disseminate information to [Read More]


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Working together will bring peace to my land

3 Oct , 2013  

Fabian talks about his community to other Fair Trade farmers and workers at SCAA show in Boston

This post comes from my colleague Griselda Barraza.  As part of the work we are doing to include independent smallholder coffee farmers in Fair Trade, Griselda interviewed Fabian to learn more about his participation in the SCAA show back in April. Fabian Andres is 26 years old and he is already a leader in his [Read More]

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Our Own Farmer Organization

18 Sep , 2013   Gallery

Paul with independent smallholder coffee farmers in Peru

This is a guest post by my colleague Paul Alvarez.  Paul has been supporting independent smallholder farmers in Peru to achieve Fair Trade certification.  He wrote this post after his latest visit to Peru. “Yes, other certifications are good, but we also want Fair Trade. Yes, we have other certifications but we like Fair Trade [Read More]

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