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farm workers versus small farmers?

8 Jun , 2012  

Coffe farm.Costa Rica.Paul Alvarez.May 2012 012

When I traveled to Costa Rica last week, I met several coffee farm workers.  Many of the farm workers in Costa Rica come from Nicaragua.  I was told that of the close to 5 million people living in Costa Rica, around 800,000 are Nicaraguans. Many of them work in coffee, sugar cane, bananas and many other [Read More]

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why am I blogging now?

6 Jun , 2012  

So, I have been using Twitter lately and realized, oh surprise, that it takes more than 140 characters to describe a lot of things.  Therefore here I am, blogging. The idea of this blog is to tell you about the work I do with small-scale farmers and farm workers all over the world.  You see, I work [Read More]