Farm Workers,Making the case

who knows best what’s best for you?

12 Jul , 2012   Gallery

With farm workers and our US union friends at Fair Trade flower farm in Ecuador

When I first heard about the washing machines, I thought, “Really?” I  used to hear about so many other ways to spend Fair Trade premium funds….like healthcare programs, scholarships for children, etc…. that it surprised me to hear that the farm workers on this Fair Trade flower farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador, had chosen to buy washing [Read More]

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Small farmers,Voices

seeing the future in the past

3 Jul , 2012  

Mario and Fabian from Narino just met with Ed. I am in the middle, between Fabian and Ed

Fabian, a 25 year-old small-scale farmer from southern Colombia, began a two day journey from his village to Portland, OR in the U.S. to attend the Specialty Coffee Association of America conference this past April.  He spent five days in the largest coffee conference in the world meeting with coffee buyers, NGO’s and other farmers.  At our [Read More]

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Farm Workers,Voices

Florinda and the ‘older crowd’

19 Jun , 2012  

Florinda 3-2012

At the end of a sunny and hot day in the coffee fields, I met Florinda and other farm workers in the Mogiana region in Brazil in one of my trips this year. Despite their long day, we had a humor-filled conversation that made us all smile and laugh. When I was talking to her, [Read More]