Empowerment,Small farmers

working with independent small farmers in Colombia

16 Aug , 2012  

Independent Small farmers from Las Aradas in Narino, Colombia

“It is excellent. We learn from them, they learn from us, and we solve our questions together” Nancy Garces, a leader of the Las Aradas community and part of the Fair Trade small-scale farmer committee in Nariño, on her experience working with the other communities Close to the Doña Juana volcano in Nariño, Colombia, 100 small-scale [Read More]

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Farm Workers,Making the case

the changing line between small farmers and farm workers

6 Aug , 2012  

Coffee pickers in Manizales, Colombia. Luis, on the left, described himself as an "andariego". Nebardo,in the middle, works in coffee since he was 9 years old.  Rigoberto, on the right, is a small-scale coffee farmer who is picking coffee in this farm since his farm is not in harvest period

“This is a tough job.  You move around all year long and work in different farms.  Some farms treat you ok but others don’t.  The good part is that you see many places and meet a lot of people.  But it is hard work and sometimes you barely make enough for your food” – Luis, an andariego from [Read More]

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19 Jul , 2012  

my last post about flower farm workers in Ecuador just got re-blogged at Triple Pundit. you can check it out here: http://www.triplepundit.com/2012/07/fair-trade-helped-ecuadorian-flower-farmers-sundays/