Whose Contributions Do We Acknowledge? — On the SCAA 2015 Recognition Awards

26 Feb , 2015  

scaa annual recognition awards

For a moment, you may have mistaken the announcement of this year’s Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) Recognition Awards for The Academy’s announcement of this year’s Oscar nominees for acting. The recipients for both were almost all white. Furthermore, the SCAA awardees were almost all white males. By now, we are sadly accustomed to [Read More]


Farm Workers,Voices

The Voice of Farm Workers in Coffee – Loud and Clear at SCAA

1 May , 2014  

Coffee Farm Workers try their first latte

Today, International Labor Day, this post is in honor of all those hard working people whose labor allows us to enjoy our cups of coffee everyday: farm workers.     Last week, I visited the original Starbucks store near Pike Place Market with four coffee farm workers from Brazil and Nicaragua: Norman, Erwin, Marcos and [Read More]

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Farm Workers,Voices

“we need to educate the coffee industry”

23 Jan , 2014   Gallery

Farmers, Workers and NGO partners meet in Brazil to discuss improvements to and identify impact from our Fair Trade work

Last week in Brazil, during a workshop we organized to identify improvements on the Fair Trade standards and processes, coffee farmers and workers from three countries discussed how we could be more effective in educating the coffee industry and consumers about the challenges and opportunities that farmworkers in coffee face every day. To learn more [Read More]