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Working for quality of coffee and quality of life

22 Oct , 2013  

Eliover with other farm workers at Hacienda Venecia in Colombia

Eliover Garcia, a foreman at Hacienda Venecia in Colombia, has been working in the coffee fields since he was 8 years old. His humble origins make Eliover fully appreciate everything in life. “Working on the coffee fields has allowed me to put food on our table and satisfy my family’s basic need, for which I’m [Read More]

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Farm Workers,Making the case

Griselda meets coffee pickers in El Salvador

31 Jan , 2013  

3 generations of women 'picking coffee'

This is a guest post shared by Griselda Barraza.  Griselda is my colleague at Fair Trade USA and she recently visited one of the coffee farms interested in participating in our pilots. During the holiday break, I went to El Salvador to visit my family.  I took one day to visit a coffee farm in [Read More]

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Farm Workers,Making the case

the labor behind our cups of coffee

21 Oct , 2012  

If the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil were a country, it would be the largest coffee producing country in the world.  That’s how much coffee is grown in Minas.  Of the 280,000 people involved in the production of coffee in the state in 2009, over 230,000 were farm workers according to the Brazilian Institute [Read More]

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