Making the case

“Ending Hunger in the Coffeelands”

15 May , 2014  

scaa food security white paper

I just read the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s white paper: “A Blue Print to End Hunger in the Coffeelands” created by my colleagues at the SCAA Sustainability Council.  This is an educational piece that I hope every coffee professional and aficionado reads. As described in the report, studies in Latin America show that 2 [Read More]

Results and Learnings,Small farmers,Voices

from independent farmers to farmer organizations

12 Dec , 2013  

smallholder coffee farmers participating in our pilots project with their market access partners

Farmer aggregation through effective and efficient farmer organizations could be one of the biggest development opportunities we have in coffee.  In previous posts, I and others have discussed the benefits of independent farmers getting organized : more access to credit and risk management tools, access to cheaper inputs, access to external assistance, stronger political presence, better access [Read More]

Small farmers

bringing farmers’ voice to improve our work

10 Dec , 2013  

Fair Trade farmers discussing and making recommendations on our empowerment standards: Fabian from Colombia, Cesar from Peru, Faustino from Honduras and Luis from Costa Rica

“I have participated in other workshops where people have ‘explained to me’ a set of standards.  This is the first time I am in a workshop to discuss the standards, and negotiate potential changes.  One thing is that somebody from outside, from an office somewhere writes a standard.  A very different thing is to improve [Read More]

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