Farm Workers,Results and Learnings

Coffee Workers and Fair Trade – an infographic

21 May , 2014  

thoughts about fair trade - ISH

The 2 year pilot process I led at Fair Trade USA has ended and we are beginning to share some learnings from my team’s work with coffee workers in estates and independent smallholder coffee farmers.  This infographic shows some general info collected from farm workers who worked at coffee estates participating in our pilot process [Read More]

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Results and Learnings,Small farmers,Voices

from independent farmers to farmer organizations

12 Dec , 2013  

smallholder coffee farmers participating in our pilots project with their market access partners

Farmer aggregation through effective and efficient farmer organizations could be one of the biggest development opportunities we have in coffee.  In previous posts, I and others have discussed the benefits of independent farmers getting organized : more access to credit and risk management tools, access to cheaper inputs, access to external assistance, stronger political presence, better access [Read More]

Farm Workers,Results and Learnings

learning from other farm workers – a lesson for coffee

1 Nov , 2012  


[youtube=] I learned from the example of Ecuadorian workers in flower farms that Fair Trade can make a difference for farm workers.  I also know that banana workers in Fair Trade farms in Colombia have used Fair Trade as a tool to improve their lives.  I have met workers who finished high school, completed technical [Read More]

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