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Let’s Talk Sustainability at the SCAA Expo

7 Apr , 2016  

SCAA expo 2

The annual Specialty Coffee Association of America expo begins in Atlanta in a few days.  This event will be an opportunity for the coffee industry to discuss sustainability issues that are critical to the future of coffee.   The Sustainability Council of the SCAA*, formed by around 30 sustainability leaders and coffee professionals from industry, [Read More]


Farm Workers

Making progress on the farmworker issue in coffee

7 Mar , 2016  

workers in matagalpa

When I began working on farmworker issues in coffee 6 years ago, I encountered significant resistance to this issue from industry and people working with NGOs supporting smallholders in coffee.  It is exciting to see how, with the support of several allies along the way, the situation of farmworkers in coffee is receiving significant attention [Read More]

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Farm Workers,Results and Learnings

Coffee Workers and Fair Trade – an infographic

21 May , 2014  

thoughts about fair trade - ISH

The 2 year pilot process I led at Fair Trade USA has ended and we are beginning to share some learnings from my team’s work with coffee workers in estates and independent smallholder coffee farmers.  This infographic shows some general info collected from farm workers who worked at coffee estates participating in our pilot process [Read More]

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